What is an attitudinal assessment and what will it tell me?

What is an attitudinal assessment and what will it tell me?

How do you know what is right for you? Which career is for you? Which culture do you fit in best? What do you need to do to be a better manager or leader? What are your preferred communication styles?

Assessments are tools that can help you to learn more about yourself and help to provide you with important insights.

There are two basic assessment types – personality and attitudinal. The Myers Briggs, Hogan, and DISC assessments among others are personality assessments and measure your personality traits and your strengths and weaknesses. With these assessments you can learn “what you have to work with” – who you are fundamentally andn focus on how best to achieve your goals given your personality type and traits.

Attitudinal assessments help to determine “how you show up” and how your perceptions influence your approach to the world. The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is an attitudinal assessment which is based on an energy/action model. This assessment differs from personality assessments as it is not intended to label a person and have them work well within that label. Instead, it measures your level of energy based on your attitude, or perception and perspective of your world. Because attitude is subjective, it can be altered. You have the opportunity to make choices, shift your consciousness, and increase your energy and leadership effectiveness. The ELI is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities.

As part of the Energy Leadership Index assessment and debrief process, you'll learn about the 7 levels of leadership and how much energy you currently have in the catabolic-suppressing range and in the anabolic-inspirational range.  You'll be debriefed on the findings of the assessment, and coached on how to navigate yourself to higher performance and fulfillment.

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."

Winston Churchill

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